But he said to me, "My grace is suffcient for you, for my power is made perfect
in weakness."

2 Corinthians 12:9

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Things I Miss About Romania

The more time goes on, the more I realize I miss my home in Romania. Here is just a small list of all the things I miss about Romania.

1. The ministry opportunities-- I loved traveling to all the Gypsy villages and building relationships with the people there. God broke my heart for those people and I wish I could be there for them and help them in any way possible.

2. The culture--Romanian culture is so much more different than American culture. I miss how the people there all said hello wether they knew you or not. I miss the food and the way our families there held family as the most important thing in life rather than jobs or hobbies. Our whole team left Romania feeling like we could do more to make our families important to us. We learned a lot from the Romanian culture.

3. My Romanian family-- The two families we stayed with in Romania really became my family during the month we were there. I actually got to talk to Abi (Romanian father) on facebook just the other day. It was really awesome to be able to talk to him, but it also mad me really discouraged that I couldn't be there with them.

4. Team Romania-- It's crazy how living with people for a month can bring you so close together. I didn't know any of my team mates before the trip, but now it feels like I've known all of them my whole life. I know that I can be open with my team because they've seen me at my worst and at my best. We know each other really well and it's really hard not having them around now. Plus, they always made me smile. :-) Team Romania had some really funny times together.

5. The Beautiful landscape-- I loved the rolling hills that I got to see everyday while we were there. It is seriously probably to most beautiful place I've ever seen. It was especially awesome to get up early in the morning and climb one of the big hills to watch the sunrise. It was breath taking and it made me appreciate God's creation.

I want to go back so bad. I know it's pretty much all I talk about, but it's only because it is such a huge part of who I am now. My trip to Romania influenced my life and spiritual life so much that it's hard not to talk about it. I'm pray all the time that God will send me back there and I know that if it is His will, it will happen.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

When I think about the ocean, I begin to be afraid. It's so big and so powerful, but yet it's a mystery. I think God has given me this fear of the ocean so that it can be a reminder to me of Him. There are many parallels between the ocean and God. Just as I mentioned earlier about the ocean being big and powerful, so is God. He is also a mystery. I think about how when I go to the beach and I am so afraid of the water, but yet I can't help but to throw my fears away and dive in. That's also how I am about my relationship with Christ. I just want to dive in and go deeper even though I am scared. It's a good fear though. We are supposed to fear God. Everytime I see the ocean, I am reminded just a small bit of who God is. I think it is so cool to think about the parallels between God and the ocean.